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Tu Sa teapot
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( - Visiting traditional pottery village of Bat Trang (Gia Lam District, Hanoi), tea connoisseurs can easily own a unique Tu Sa teapot by the talented workers - Artisan Vuong Manh Tuan.

Drinking tea is a elegant hobby and  brings loccal culture. Tea drinkers are not only attracted by the scent, the taste of the tea, but also impressed by the equipment used to make tea.

Tea is brewed in soil teapot that is characteristic of Vietnamese culture. Tu Sa teapot is a perfect product that has mesmerized many people because of its art and its interesting tales.

Tu Sa teapot is derived from the Yixing, Jiangsu, China. According to legend, only this place has a special red clay to do this kind of teapot. Artisan Manh Tuan is a person who produces this product successfully.

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Artisan Vuong Manh Tuan

Born and grew in the birthplace of traditional pottery village, Vuong Manh Tuan learnt how to make pottery when he was young. The first products of his were such as  : pigs, teapots, cigarette holders ... Then from a worker, Vuong Manh Tuan also opened his own factory. His thinking ability of art cubic, understanding of the material and passion helped him to overcome the difficulties in beginning a new business. Unlike many people in the village, he spent a lot of time to look for new material. He arrived all pottery village: Phu Lang (Bac Ninh), Que Quyen (Ha Nam), Chu Dau (Hai Duong), Yixing (China ) ... When returning, Tuan also carried a small amount of clay to research, to study. And Tu Sa teapot was the result of these efforts.

-Previously, to have a Tu Sa teapot, consumers must take order from China. Now, it is  easy to buy this product with good quality in Bat Trang.

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Tu Sa Teapot

Tu Sa teapot is made from purple clay that is in Viet Nam. Tuan reveales, it is important that the artisans must understand the soil and how to mix, to combine with other types of clay for toughness, flexibility as ones in Jiangsu. Calcined temperature of Tu Sa teapot is 12000C.The special features of Tu Sa is creating beautiful watercolor, keeping flavor and heat of tea for a long time.

According to Vuong Manh Tuan, a completed product has gone through many stages. Each stage represents the carefulness as well as the skillfulness of artisans. In addition, the differences in materials, calcined temperatures and the glossy expressed the artistic and the value of this product.


technique of Tu Sa requires elaborate and meticulous

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Bat Trang image in Tu Sa teapot


a full set of Tu Sa teapot

Vietnam tea culture is increasingly famous. The Tu Sa teapot is also becoming cultural treasures that need to preserve and develop.

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