Any direction for the bamboo dragonfly?
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( By ingenuity, artisans of  Yen Thanh village (Thach Xa, Thach That, Ha Noi) made ​​ inanimate bamboo into colorful dragonflies. However, the gap between production costs and price, as well as unstable output for products that made difficulty for workers to maintain and develop this product.

Dragonfly is one of Vietnam rural symbols, it went into the poetry, song, the tale .... Today, the process of urbanization, the dragonfly did not appear as many as before. In order to preserve the culture of the Vietnamese village, the craftsmen made ​​thebamboo dragonfly” product. On Tay Phuong temple foot, there is a place known as the "bamboo dragonfly" hamlet where people live mainly on bamboo dragonfly. Visiting Nguyen Van Tai’s house, we surprised by his colorful bamboo dragonfly products. But he said the number of households making bamboo dragonfly is less and the scale is more and more small.

Nguyen Van Tai introduces his giant bamboo dragonfly

In the economic downturn, the handicraft industry is affected. Bamboo dragonfly also face many difficulties due to the lack of right orientations in which the most important factor is finding output for bamboo dragonfly.

10 years ago, there were about 15 - 20 households making bamboo dragonfly in Thach Xa, now that number seriously declined to 4-5 households. Because the profit from the bamboo dragonfly products is low. To get a bamboo dragonfly, workers had to do a lot of  stages: splitting bamboo, sharpening dragonfly’s body and wings, assembling wings, painting, drawingMeanwhile the price of each product is just from two thousands to four thousands Vietnam Dong, so only a few hundred in profit per product.


The children also help their parents to make bamboo dragonflies


The workers’ income is unstable because bamboo dragonfly products are just sold best on the Tay Phuong Pagoda festival. And it is difficult to find buyers at the rest of time.

Small domestic market is not ensured for consumption , the bamboo dragonfly workers found new customers outside to increase sales. But overseas markets have many risks. Mr. Tai has had an order from Japan's client but he was also anxious, he said Japan is a difficult market, product selection is very careful. The selling of bamboo dragonfly products in this market is not easy”.


The final stage to finish product

To meet the requirement of the customer, improvement design and quality of products is inevitable. But although providing good products, clients also unilaterally cancel the contract. So the craftsmen are the most damaged people. The ordered products has different designs comparison to other products. So if cancelling orders, it will be difficult  for the worker to sell them.

In this situation, the authority, the relevant department must have supporting measures to sell handicraft products. We hope that the community contribute to preserve and develop Vietnamese value. In the future, the craft product will be seen on its value.





Some bamboo dragonfly products

Lan Huong

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