Bamboo and rattan craftsman style.
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( By ingenuity and relentless creativity, artisans of Phu Vinh, Phu Nghia, Hanoi have brought the richness, diversity for bamboo and rattan products that are sold on over the country and the world . Although three artisans Hoang Van Hanh, Nguyen Van Trung, Nguyen Van Tinh created unique products and achieved many awards, they had three styles, three different directions for bamboo and rattan products.

The application is put on top

The talent and young artisan Hoang Van Hanh always aims to make products with high usability, simple design and can be produced in large numbers.. With youth and creativity, he brought bamboo and rattan products into people's lives. He utilize the waste of bamboo and rattan to make into ornaments for other products. That is not only creating economic value, but also contributing to keep the environment green, clean and beautiful.

Nghe nhan Hoang Van Hanh1.jpg

Hoang Van Hanh Artisan


Capture large market

Artisan Nguyen Van Trung rattan products with nice design, high usability have reached numerous customers in the domestic and foreign markets. Although achieving many awards, the artist doesn’t care achievements, he just focuses on commercial features of the product. According to this artisan, the consumers are important people who evaluate the quality and the value of products. Unlike other artists, Nguyen Van Tinh has nostalgic and modern style. On the basis of traditional designs, he creates new products to suit the tastes of consumers in the busy life. The main innovations of  Nguyen Van Tinh artisan have enriched and diversified bamboo and rattan products.


Nguyen Van Trung Artisan


Sophistication and uniqueness

Visiting artisan Nguyen Van Tinh house, we were amazed by the extremely unique products. Distilling the essence of bamboo and rattan, the artist created the wonderful and exquisite products. The products of artisans are variety of styles and types, but limited in number. Artisan Tinh said , the value of the product is determined by the quality, style and design. Specially, in term of the exhibited products that have small number, create the attraction and passion of the customers, as well as bring the reputation and prestige to the maker. Tinh’s products are sophisticated. Time to make the product can not be predetermined, it depends on skill and inspiration. Typical product is a pair of green rattan vase which is record in Vietnam. The vase is 6.5 m in height (including rattan lotus), 1.1 m in width.

anh 1.jpg

Nguyen Van Tinh Artisan


 Each artisan chose an art style to bring soul for rattan works. They are contributing to enhance  Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan products’ reputation.

Trang Nguyen

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