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Artisan Nguyen Xuan Duc - Keep the passion with the embroidery.
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( Visiting the embroidery village, Binh Lang commune, Thuong Tin District, Hanoi, we realized that the embroidery village has had many changes, many families have become better off, the traditional vocation has also developed stronger.


We met artist Nguyen Xuan Duc in the little house that was decorated by many beautiful embroidery pictures. Every picture was made by the talented hands and his passion. He put his heart in each detail, from the color layout scheme to the artifact ideas.



Dark and light, near and far combined with skilled hands and a heart of art made pictures  more realistic


Flower boat


Vietnamese soul in each work

The artist said, a beautiful hand embroidery must show the soul of the picture and the mind of the workers. To do like that, artists have to be very skillful and really feel the soul of the picture. That is all of things which  everyone can feel when looking at the paintings on display in his small house.


Both artisan mind and scene soul in the picture


The artist of the needle just spent all his heart to live, to feel and to paint pictures, as well as sent to each embroidery his passion and enthusiasm.



Vitality, freshness is always in bold in his embroideries

As the son of a traditional embroidery village and a son of a family where the embroidery is transmitted from the old generation, the grandparents, the parents, artisan Nguyen Xuan Duc has sticked and devoted for embroidery. "I really love and never quit it" artisan said.

After many years of training, he always wanted to bring the essence of the craft to pass on to children, grandchildren and his close disciples. He wants traditional embroidery will be handed down forever with the passion and enthusiasm.

“Leaves fall to stumps, I can not live forever. So, I want to focus on deep technical training for generations of students. A team of skilled craftsmen are gathered to pass on the family trade secret that I have kept for a long time. I hope the new team will raise the level of skill  as well as keeping the essence of traditional embroidery.


Artisan Nguyen Van Quang (in the middle) Grandfather of artisan Nguyen Xuan Duc

Preparing for the 9th Vietnamese handicraft product contest, artisan Nguyen Xuan Duc is completing the paintings “Hon Trong Mai” which is considered as the symbol of Ha Long Bay and Vietnam Tourism. Choosing this image, artisans would introduce about the majestic natural beauty of Vietnam's Ha Long Bay, uphold the pride of a natural wonder of the world in ourcountry . "Every person has a sense of art and he will use his talent to create unique pieces, express the essence of the profession. I hope that the traditional hand embroidery will has more and more enthusiastic workers and great works! " He said.


Hon Trong Mai

Trang Nguyen

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