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Portrait of the forefront person to preserve and develop traditional craft
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( Known as chairman of Hanoi embroidery, Director of Bao Chau Crafts Co.Ltd., Mr. Mai Van Huong had successes in the preservation and promotion of traditional craft such as training employees, innovating techniques, building the collective brand, improving product design to meet the growing tastes of customers and to contribute to the economic development of villages.

Build its own brand in the strong common brand

We went to his house on a drizzly morning, in a spacious three-floors house that is behind the old communal house. Here, the reporter group of  media committee of Viet Nam craft village association talk about training, the support policies for the trainer and village development- orientation with Mr. Mai Van Huong, chairman of Hanoi embroidery.


He said: "I have not built an own personal brand yet because I wanted to spend time with other workers to create a strong common brand. Currently, the village has a collective brand, but all members do not really understand and devote their best  to a common home "


Artisan Mai Van Huong

In recent years, when human life is raising, the demand for arts and culture become more diverse and stricter. Besides the preserving elite of craft, it is necessary to innovating technical, creating design, promoting products to customers ... those are directions to ensure the income for employees and to keep village developing. Found that the export of hand embroidered products is small, unstable, poor competitiveness. That's the concern of artisans Mai Van Huong - the Chairman of Hanoi City embroidery. "I want to build its own brand in general strong brand," he said.

New directions

As the Chairman of Hanoi City embroidery - Executive Commissioner of Vietnam Craft Village Association, Mr. Mai Van Huong has significant contribution to the stable development of embroidery in the current economic climate. He deserves as one of the first generation in keeping the traditional craft villageselite. Besides, he is a successful entrepreneur in the field of art production. Mr Huong, the former director of Bao Chau Co. Ltd, said: " Bac Van Embroidery Cooperative Group is the predecessor of Bao Chau Co. Ltd, that specializes in production and trading of embroidery since the 1990s. The product: blankets, sheets, clothes, pillows, bagsin many different fabrics, different textures meet the demands of customer and is sold on domestic and foreign markets such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium etc. The abundant labor is mainly farmers at the resting after harvest.

The new directions of the enthusiastic director is a new cognitive change in market research, approaching deeper tastes of the customer, spending the time to collect new models,understanding the culture of each country. From which having new creativity to match their demands. Trade promotion in a variety of ways aims to find a common outlet for handicrafts as well as to propose solutions for craft villages to access to bank credit funds. Besides, he also boosts skills training for workers. Speacially, he has the ability to utilize and synthesize distinct characteristics of many villages to create flawless handicraft products.

Some images of Bao Chau production process:












Mai Ly

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