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Improve the competitive value of the Vietnamese handicraft products
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( The forum with the themeConsulting design models and output for Vietnam handicraft productswill take place on 09/28/2012 at economic and commercial transactions Exhibition (No. 2, Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay District, Hanoi).

Under The Agriculture and Crafts Fair of Northern region in 2012, the forum is organized by Vietnam Craft Village Association in cooperation with the Promotion of Agricultural Trade Center (MARD).

Forum is expected to attract about 150 - 200 delegates from agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Ministry of Industry and Trade; Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Vietnam Cooperative Alliance; Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Department of Rural Development of the Northern provinces; economic experts, designers; artisans and craftsmen; prototyping centers, vocational training centers with many organizations, societies, associations, craft villages.

In the condition of economic development and integration, like other commodities, handicraft products are facing high competition in the domestic and international enviroment. In particular, product design is one of the important factors constituting the competitiveness; it also reflects the cultural features, and contributes to the added value of the product. The research and design for handicrafts are requirements in order to enhance the value and competitiveness of each village.

Anh 1 - Dien dan mau ma copy.jpg

Người thợ làng gốm đang tạo đường nét cho những mẫu tranh gốm

anh 2 - Dien dan mau ma copy-001.jpg

Công tác tạo mẫu, tạo dáng là một hoạt động gắn bó chặt chẽ giữa các yếu tổ kinh tế - kỹ thuật, văn hóa - thẩm mỹ với khoa học - công nghệ

Forum will be an opportunity for delegates to discuss, consult, build orientation for businesses and the traditional villages. In addition, this is an opportunity for the artisans, craft villages and enterprises communicate, learn, share experiences or find solutions to improve the efficiency of production activities as well as promote for the  Vietnamese handicrafts.

As the plan, the program will last for a half day at 8:30 am September 28, 2012.

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