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Traditional trademark honoring and Vietnam treasure in 2012
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The traditional trademark honoring program and Vietnam treasure in 2012 are implemented by the Association of Vietnam craft village in collaboration with Communication Corporation of Vietnam Television Services, will take place in September, 2012, in Hanoi.

 Ton vinh bauvattruyenthong.jpg

Artisan of Bat Trang pottery village in the festival (illustrations)

 The program is cultural and social activities recognizing the dedication of the entrepreneurs, artisans, craft villages all over the country. It is the individual, collective who are helping to preserve and develop the traditional cultural values ​​of the nation, create unique products of Vietnamese brands, and become national treasures.

Over thousands years of history, in the course of production, our people have explored and invented many products, superior and unique services. This is shown very clearly in the craft industry, traditional villages; these traditional products of Vietnamese brands are hereditary through the centuries. The products and services of facilities, enterprises, craft villages, artisans have an important role in the process of economic development. They help to create jobs, increase incomes for workers and contribute to the implementation of guidelines and policies of the Party and the State to ensure social security. Besides, these products and services also contribute to conserve Vietnam cultural elite.

The program will be held in September / 2012, in Hanoi, on the occasion of the National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (02/9), traditional village year 2012 and in response to the movementconstructing new countryside”.

The traditional brand and Vietnam treasure program 2012 is an opportunity for businesses, facilities, traditional villages are widely promoted in order to attract investment in human and material resources, promote trade ...that help facilities, businesses, villages to develop sustainably in the international economic integration.

Central Executive Committee of the Vietnamese craft village association respectfully invites the craft villages, artists, agencies, representative offices and units to register in the program.

Ban Truyền Thông HHLNVN


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